AEHC brings together employers who purchase healthcare to exchange information and experiences. We promote transparency and fair pricing, improve healthcare quality and safety, and stay informed about national policy changes.




EDUCATE on healthcare strategies from the most successful benefits programs and experts in the state and nationally

Engage and collaborate with other employers. Learn innovative benefit strategies to control cost now and for the long term

Relevant and practical resources such as:

  • PBM Playbook
  • Certified Health Value Professional (CHVP) course library and certification
  • National benchmarking with hundreds of employers from around the country

Recent Events & webinars:

  • Healthcare Kaizen- using Lean/Six Sigma approaches for healthcare benefits
  • Price Transparency – utilizing new tools available to employers to improve market position
  • High-Cost Claims Project –managing ever growing “shock claims”
  • PBM and Drug Strategies for Employers

Partnerships with national organizations:

Collaborate with fellow coalition members, share best practices, and access valuable members-only resources.

IMPROVE quality and value of healthcare in Alabama

Hospital Safety

AEHC invites all hospitals in the State to participate in the Leapfrog Hospital Survey. Hospitals demonstrate their commitment to safety and transparency through voluntary participation. It tests computerized physician order entry (CPOE) for drugs and the effectiveness of that system in alerting prescribers to ordering errors. It is also an important source of maternity data which not reported elsewhere. Go to our Hospital Safety Page here.

Price Transparency

AEHC promotes price transparency as a starting point to create a functional healthcare market. Members have contributed data to the Employer Hospital Price Transparency Project which created tools to compare hospital cost, price, and quality for facilities in 49 states.

Access Sage Transparency Dashboard here

MONITOR healthcare policy that affects our ability to purchase effectively

Educate policymakers on employers’ perspective.

Regular policy updates on State and Federal legislation

Opportunities to sign-on with others to support important initiatives

“Engaging employers with healthcare…and each other”